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Food in Barbados

A Foodie's Guide to Barbados

3 February, 2016 By
Do you consider yourself a foodie? Are your travel destinations determined solely by the quality and variety of food on offer? Is your vacation itinerary planned around meals and not sights? Well then, you and your discerning taste buds are in luck because The Crane's Concierge has put together a comprehensive Foodie's Guide to Barbados. Check out what's on the menu:
The Crane Barbados

The Crane introduces Zero Mosquito Policy in response to Zika Virus

3 February, 2016 By
The oldest continuously operating hotel in the Caribbean is taking increased steps to protect its guests from the mosquito-borne Zika virus. The Crane Resort in Barbados has boosted its existing vector eradication programmes and is actively engaging its guests and employees in the implementation of a new "zero mosquito policy".
Brilliant Barbados

More Excitement, More Value: Come Celebrate Brilliant Barbados with The Crane!

1 February, 2016 By
Join us as we celebrate Brilliant Barbados on the eve of our 50th anniversary of independence! Enjoy 50% OFF luxurious accommodation at The Crane Resort!
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The Crane Resort pioneers environmentally sustainable solution to tackle Sargassum seaweed

28 January, 2016 By
Crane Beach has long been recognised as among the top beaches in the world – most recently named by USA Today’s 10Best Readers Choice 2015 as the “Best Beach in the Caribbean”.  However, in recent months this iconic Barbadian landmark has been challenged by invasive Sargassum seaweed that has been affecting beaches in Barbados and the region.
Crane Family

6 Reasons Why The Crane is the Perfect Family Friendly Resort

27 January, 2016 By
Planning a family vacation? There are probably few things harder than choosing a resort that the entire family will love. Younger kids want to play, teenagers want to be entertained and parents? Parents just want to relax. If you are looking for the perfect family friendly  resort, read on to find out why The Crane Resort in Barbados checks all the boxes:
Honeymoon Couple in Barbados

Why Barbados is the Ideal Honeymoon Getaway Location

19 January, 2016 By
There's no place quite like the Caribbean when it comes to romance. But, for a sophisticated sun-seeker's honeymoon, one island stands head and shoulders above the rest. A celebrity haunt and long-time favourite of the royal family, Barbados is not only accessible by all, but its remarkable natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle make it the perfect choice for newlyweds seeking memorably authentic experiences on their Caribbean honeymoon.
The Crane Resort Barbados

10 Reasons Why The Crane is One of the Top Rated Caribbean Beach Resorts

12 January, 2016 By
Set on one of the world's finest beaches, The Crane has always attracted a special kind of person to its extraordinary expanse of sand, spectacular vistas and unspoiled coast. But, beyond the views, here are 10 reasons why The Crane is one of the top rated Caribbean beach resorts:
Family Beach Vacation

5 Tips for Vacationing With Your Kids

6 January, 2016 By
The prospect of vacationing with your kids in tow can be daunting. The combination of airport lines, long-haul flights and tired kids can be off-putting to even the most determined parent. But, adequate planning and a little patience can go a long way towards creating lasting memories of fun family vacations. Here are our 5 tips for vacationing with your kids:
Sand Raw 004 2015 2016

7 Travel Resolutions to Make (and Keep) for 2016

29 December, 2015 By
There's no time quite like the eve of a new year to make resolutions. We all make the customary list: 1.) Join a gym 2.) Lose weight 3.) Work less and 4.)Travel more. Sounds familiar? Well, here at The Crane, we've done you the favour of putting together a manageable (and feasible) list of travel resolutions you should make and keep in 2016:
Crane Mixologist

Dine Around The Crane: Top 5 Best Selling Cocktails

23 December, 2015 By
In Barbados, you'll quickly learn that nothing beats the heat quite like a perfectly chilled tropical cocktail. Except maybe two perfectly chilled tropical cocktails. One in each hand. The talented mixologists of The Crane have been busy creating an all-new Crane Signature cocktail selection for you to try. Here's a taste of the top five best sellers: