Using Your Fractional Ownership

For ownership of one to three weeks, you can use your ownership in 3 ways:

  • Use it:  Come and stay with us every year in the residence type you chose.  We make sure it is perfect for you to just arrive and enjoy!
  • Trade at The Crane: Move the assigned Crane Points value of your ownership around the resort like money in our system to change the time of the year and/or size of the residence. For example if you own one week, you can come every other year for two weeks.
  • Trade outside of The Crane through The Registry Collection or RCI Points: Deposit your week in either of these fractional exchange services and receive access to thousands of resorts and services across the world.
    • The Registry Collection is a luxury fractional exchange service providing access to the best resorts in the world combined with high-end Concierge services, private airline travel, luxury cruises and more.
    • RCI gives you access to over 6,000 resorts in every corner of the globe.
    • The Crane is the #1 rated resort worldwide, in both RCI Points and The Registry Collection.

For ownership of 4 weeks or more, use any of the above three options, while also receiving the benefits of the Rental Pool:

  • Rental Pool: You can deposit some or all of your owned weeks into the pool, changing as your usage changes. Our rental pool programme has always covered all owners’ running costs.